What is Empire Wealth Really About?


Empire Wealth is the South African market leader in independent property investment education and consulting services. We guide our individual, club and corporate clients step-by-step to start, grow and preserve their own profitable property investment empires, through specialist consultation, strategic investment planning, ongoing holistic professional services and facilitating the acquisition of the best possible investment opportunities in the market that meet your requirements. Achieve your financial and lifestyle goals by investing in the world’s best wealth creator with Empire Wealth as your specialist partner to guide you every step of the way.

Our Story

Empire Wealth was founded out of a passion to assist people and businesses to create substantial wealth by investing in the best asset class in the world.

With a career spanning more than 12 years in the property investment and development industry and with a very large portfolio of his own, our Founder and CEO Anton Breytenbach, a strategist at heart with a passion for financial education, says he wishes he knew 10 years ago what he knows now and wants to teach what he has learned with the assistance of his team.

Through his knowledge and experience, Anton has helped over 200 clients to achieve financial freedom by investing in property and believes that everyone should have access to the methods and strategies needed to create unparalleled wealth for themselves, by investing in the best asset class in the world.


We believe that through offering a holistic professional property investment education and consultation service, we are changing lives by unlocking wealth for our clients, empowering them to become financially free, create a legacy for their families and live a life of abundance. Every person should live the life that they were meant to and creating your wealth through property investment gives you the ability to do just that. There are however so many strategies that work together, that very few people know of, that can make a substantial difference in how fast and efficiently you grow your portfolio to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. And the best part is, anyone can do it, but you need a professional team that has a consolidated understanding of all the components at work, to guide you through every step. 

Also contact us and read our articles for more information about Empire Wealth Gives Back, an initiative to improve the standard of living and business of society where there is a need, by contributing resources to construct or improve the buildings utilized for these purposes.

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