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The best property investment opportunities available in the market.


We source the highest income and or capital yielding investment opportunities in the market, from a variety of suppliers and resources, all of which have to meet strict criteria and pass approval by our investment committee.
Brand New 2-bed 1-bath sectional title apartments ready for occupation in early 2021. Invest alongside one of the big funds in the Cape Town property market. The fund owning the complex is only selling a few of the units, at a discounted price, keeping the balance of the units as their own investment stock.

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Investment Categories

Property has the ability to create substantial wealth, but every opportunity is not necessarily a good investment. As an independent investment consultant, we find the best deals for you, so you don't have to.

For a relatively low upfront cost, they can generate good long- and short-term returns in the form of capital growth and rental income, and their gearing potential – something unique to property investments – can be leveraged for continued expansion within the market.

A great strategy to make a quick profit by buying a property, quickly refurbishing it and quickly selling it. This is often a strategy for investors to cover deposit costs on new purchase.

Buying a distressed property and renovating it back to its ‘hey day’ Is a strong strategy in property investing. The key is to purchase it at below its market value for the state it is in.


Aside from diversifying your property portfolio, investing in offshore property offers good potential returns and enables investors to get a foot in the door on a global scale.

The investors with the risk appetite or knowledge can enter into their own development. There are various strategies and ways to develop property. The key is to find the right area, understand zoning rights and develop a product the market needs

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